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To use during Sunday services — or in small groups


(For church members)
By G.O.D. founders Werner Nachtigal and  Stephan Gängel.

This series of 3 excellent short videos can be viewed at the Global Outreach Day website HERE

3 STEPS Booklet

Their excellent evangelism training booklet, by the same title, can be downloaded at the same website HERE

Because we care

(For church members)
By Dave Mann

This series of 6 excellent 5 minute videos can be viewed (with discussion guides) HERE

1. You won’t know until you ask
2. What is the gospel?
3. How to start a conversation
4. How to share the gospel
5. The power of prayer
6. Disciples, not converts

Because we care video series

Reaching people you don’t know

(For passionate evangelisers)
By Stu Millar

This series of 10 excellent 5 minute videos can be viewed HERE (with discussion guides for the 10 sessions downloaded HERE)

How to reach people DVD