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About Global Outreach Day

May 27 2017

Global Outreach Day is the largest evangelism mobilisation effort in human history. At just 5 years of age, it is in more than 140 nations with an estimated 300,000+ participating churches. It is a powerful catalyst for first steps. Find out more at:


…then go and engage a conversation on ‘Global Outreach Day’ (Saturday 26th May, 2018)

Outreaching Culture Strategy

How to sustainably mobilise members

Would you like to see the members of your church engaging those around them in spiritual conversations, as a part of their everyday lives? This is what the ‘Outreaching Culture’ strategy exists to help you achieve. Check out the ‘Outreaching Culture’ video below. It could revolutionise not only the way you approach ‘evangelism mobilisation’ in your church – but also in time the results!

#1. ‘Outreaching Culture’ strategy – for church leaders and their leadership teams

This 10-minute video for pastors and their leadership teams explains a simple leadership strategy through which church leaders could build an authentically outreaching culture in their church. It introduces 6 principles, applied through 4 leadership habits, and comes with various support resources – which will be added to annually, and are all free.
Outreaching Culture Diagram

Introductory leadership team workshop video

A notes sheet for this video, with discussion questions for use by church leadership teams, can be downloaded HERE

Expected results: The primary measurable results are (1) an increase in members who’ve recently engaged a spiritual conversations, (2) an increase in the number of visitors, (3) an increase in the ‘friendliness’ of members toward visitors and (4) a resulting increase in those choosing to follow Christ.

Appointing a second-in-charge is highly recommended: Consistency is necessary to change culture! We work better in teams. Who could work with the pastor to ensure consistency and quality of application, so you get results?

Introductory leadership team workshop video

A notes sheet for this video, with discussion questions, can be downloaded HERE

#0. A preliminary introductory workshop for church leadership teams

This short 9-minute video for pastors and their leadership teams is is purposed to be used prior to showing the ‘Outreaching Culture’ strategy for church leaders to lay some foundations. Sometimes a church leadership team will be a reluctance to discuss evangelism. There may even be confusion regarding what the mission of the Church is. This video, along with the discussion, will help to clarify these things and more -so your leadership team are on the same page, and ready to view the ‘Outreaching Culture’ strategy (found a little higher up on this webpage)

#2. ‘Outreaching Culture’ Strategy– for small group leaders

This 16-minute video for small group leaders in local churches explains the habits through which small group leaders could also work to equip and mobilise church members as everyday conversational witnesses. Through these habits they have the power to AMPLIFY the pastors efforts through the ‘outreaching culture’ strategy explained above.

The stated goal is to ‘reinsert’ the mission of the church small group into these groups — in recognition that many groups are already serving other good purposes.

‘Outreaching culture – for small group leaders’ video

A notes sheet for this video, with discussion questions, can be downloaded HERE

‘Outreaching culture strategy – the conversational approach’ video

A notes sheet for this video, with discussion questions, can be downloaded HERE

#3. ‘Outreaching Culture’ Strategy– a conversational approach

This 17-minute video provides some teaching about personal outreach that could be of great help to churches and Christians who feel negative toward ‘evangelism’, or who struggle to get relaxed spiritual conversations going with non-church people (its a people-skill, so can be learnt).

This will be highly relevant content for most churches in Western environments.

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2018 dates for your calendar

Stu Millar is available to speak to gatherings of pastors about how to build ‘Outreaching Culture’ – as well as practical ideas for utilising Global Outreach Day itself (last Saturday of May / Pentecost), while passing on the free resources. Please contact Stu Millar to find out more.
Sunday 20 May, 2018 – Rally and equip your members to do something on Global Outreach Day (see for ideas)
Friday 25 May, 2018 – Churches gather and pray for the spread of the gospel around the world
Saturday 26 May, 2018Global Outreach Day

Global Outreach Day Partners

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Dave Mann
Global Outreach Day Australia-Pacific Coordinator

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Stu Millar

 Stu Millar
Global Outreach Day Australian advocate

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